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This photo is a photo of type certificate that goes from the neck pickup locations Arriga with hair and without accessories, this is a picture of us to see ourselves as we will see in this photo card and then I take with the phone I and so it stayed that way and you notice that I took with my phone

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this is the picture with my familia. in this I mother my mom and my father works. I live with my parents for two years, viviimos happy, but sometimes fights but because of me as I am a bit of a rebel with them and do not move me.

this is the picture with my pet. This is the little mia worship, because it is what has happened with my free time, I play with her ??and we went to the park after lunch or when we go to the store.

This is a photo of my pet. This is the little adoration of my parents and nia, came home a month ago, is a very happy dog, clean and too playful, likes to play with shoes or any object you find, his name is bruno.

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This is a photo with my friend. she is the person with whom I share at school and outside of it. our friendship has been almost three years, we are happy, a bit of a temper but sometimes.

this photo is doing what I like. I like going out with my friends to dance and spend a happy time sharing with the people I love and love me.

this photo is how I look in a few years, a great cop, a career, a home with small but happy with the person I want. great profession I realize with enough effort and dedication.

Escuela The School of General Santander Police Cadet (ECSAN) is the training school for future officers of the National Police of Colombia. It is considered the alma mater of the police and the college in which the officers are granted the academic title of police administrator undergraduate degree program and specialization in service policía.1 Located on Avenida NQS between race 48 and 42 cross, southwest of Bogota.

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